Be inspired by
our people

The progression of personal and professional skills of all Acetum people is essential to us.

We value the people who work with us to develop their potential.

We encourage a constant and proactive dialogue aimed at gathering everyone’s needs, in order to create a place where people are at the center of the company, a key element for preserving and handing down our tradition.

The knowledge and expertise of our people have been passed down through generations.

We are committed to protecting our knowledge and preserving it for future generations.

Among the recurring and most important initiatives for our employees we find:

Training Opportunities

We boost our people development through initiatives like “Refining Talent” a program open to all employees which aims to finance, in part or entirely, a master’s degree or a specialized course that represents added value for both the individual and the company.

Periodic meetings

Periodic meetings with all employees to provide updates on company performance, future goals and to share ideas and proposals. This helps us to always find innovative solutions, encouraging the involvement of our people.

Corporate events

We organize corporate events to celebrate our hits and strengthen our team bonding.


We promote a healthy lifestyle and people’s well-being through numerous corporate initiatives:

Psychological support

The company provides, for its employees and their families, access to a team of qualified psychologists to support those who may need personal support.

Corporate sporting events

We recognize the value of sport and a healthy lifestyle, which is why every year in the spring we organize ergonomic training, walks and sporting tournaments: an excellent way to spend time together even in spare time.

Safety day

A day entirely dedicated to safety in workplace to make our people aware of the importance of the topic, in a light-hearted and engaging way. Our employees compete in fun team games to see what they have learned!


We are committed to creating a work culture based on equal opportunities and a sense of belonging.

Distinctiveness of our people is what actually got us where we are today.

Our areas of interest include gender, ethnicity, LBGTQ+, religion, people with disabilities and intercultural diversity.

Women in Acetum

This is why we created Women in Acetum: a project aimed at providing opportunities and tools for personal growth and at strengthening corporate and external networking. Women in Acetum is carried out by periodic workshops that address different topics, involving special guests ready to share their personal experiences that can be of inspiration for the audience.